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everything you need to know & that I know. seriously. 

editing, instagram, shooting, pricing & everything in-between. watch from the comfort of your own home & skip the high expense workshops that require travel. I grew my photography business to the big leagues when I was only 16 & 17 years old, and if I could do it then you can surely do it now. 

how the sales work: you can either buy the workshop by part (2 total) or you can pick up the entire thing to binge watch. whatever works for you! OVER 6.5 HOURS LONG!

lets run through some of the topics: editing live on screen (multiple shoots + locations), secrets to instagram, gear, shoot outfits, how to find people to shoot, collaborating, pricing, backing up photos, hard drives, exporting photos, sending galleries, behind the scenes shoots, posing, presets, collecting payments, camera settings, contracts, deposits, inquiries, instagram ads + stories, smoke bombs, feature accounts, destination weddings, shooting + editing with flash, smoke bombs, posing, wedding day checklist, wedding attire, the biggest mistake I made in my career, finding your work/personal life balance, traveling for shoots, how I got to where I am today, how my age effected my business + MORE. phew, talk about a run-on sentence.

this workshop is for all skill levels. you could be just thinking about starting a photography business, or 10 years into your own photo career and still be able to learn so much from these online video guides. the workshop is also meant to be watched the entire way through, by skipping either the first or the second part you are missing huge chunks of important information. part 1 should come before part 2. the only reason why I offer them separated is because of large amounts of requests for a payment plan.

invest in yourself! I promise that it is one million times harder to grow your business when you have to discover the best ways to manage your time, figure out the tips and tricks to shooting, working lightroom and learn how to gain your desired clientele all on your own. jumpstart your business and begin learning today!

Have Questions? I am MORE than happy to answer them!! Just send me an email or DM, and I will answer anything you want to know about the workshop!


Videos Play on IOS, Mac & Windows. 

Price Subject to Change - Limited Number Available.



I edit with all of my Preset Packs except the Titanium Preset Pack in this workshop as it was not released at the time of Recording. 

My editing has slightly changed since the workshop was released due to me using different presets (my new packs). The way I export has as well. I recommend this website for how I am currently exporting my photos.


A new online education course is going to be releasing in 2020.

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